About Us

Mediway Medical & X-Ray Centre was established in 2016. It was formed with a group of medical professionals that have vast experience in the field of Medicine and Health Screening. With Mediway’s mission of providing a health screen to all nationalities, Mediway Medical & X-Ray Centre has been fully equipped and designed for optimum quality and performance.

We look to serve our patients with the best healthcare solutions possible. With our focus on health screening, we take special care on the medical procedures done at our Medical Centre as we strive toward embracing our motto “Where Your Health Matters”, we will never take shortcuts to our patient’s health condition.

With our Customer Service Oriented Medical Team, patients can freely approach us for medical advice and we will always give medical advice with a smile. At Mediway Medical we take pride in enforcing health safety of all residents of Singapore by screening for potential contagious diseases and to stop the spread before it even begins because your Health Matters To Us!