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Mediway Medical provides advanced, state-of-the-art imaging equipment and a brilliant team comprising proficient Radiographers and Radiologists to provide you with a wide range of excellent diagnostic and imaging services to offer you the most pleasant experience.

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We are a one-stop health centre with Chest X-Ray, Mammogram, and Ultrasound Scan.

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Common questions about a
Chest X-Ray Scan

What is a X-Ray Scan?

X-ray is a technique of imaging wherein images of the various internal organs, bones, and tissues of patients are obtained by focusing a considerable amount of radiation on these parts. The technique is especially used to detect various kinds of abnormalities lying internally in the blood vessels, bones, heart or lungs.

When is a X-Ray Scan necessary?

Bone and joint injuries, fractures, bone dislocations and infection are some of the most common scenarios wherein an X-ray is actually needed for a proper diagnosis.

Why is a Chest X-Ray important?

The first step for any Diagnosis is it effectively spot several internal abnormalities from tuberculosis, cancer, collapsed lungs, and other conditions that pose a threat to life if not detected and treated at an early stage.

When does one need a Chest X-Ray Scan?

Persistent ailments can only be resolved when an X-ray is done. Coughing is usually taken to be not a very serious thing and is usually expected to stop within a week. However, persistent coughing accompanied by chest pain and difficulty in breathing can be a symptom of various adverse health conditions such as Pneumonia, Lung Cancer, Broken Ribs, Heart Failure, Emphysema and more, which can only be identified with a Chest X-Ray.