S Pass Medical

S Pass Medical Check-Up

In order to meet the assessment procedure for the mid level skilled staffs, there needs to be an earning at least $2,200 per month by the candidate.

A medical examination is necessary for the S Pass foreign worker. The candidate should be certified to be fit for the profession applied by him/her. The requirements for medical examination differ on the basis of the applied post.

The Process of Full Medical Examination To Apply For A S Pass


The Principle Approval Form and Medical Form should be accompanied by the Passport of the S Pass holder. Regarding its payment, it needs to be done through online or cash.  While processing the registration the S Pass holder would need to wait for some time.

The S Pass holder’s receipt and name label would get printed by the front desk staff.  The In principle approval form and passport would be returned back to the S Pass holder. The S Pass holder would be directed to The Measurements Station where a nurse would take over.


At the Measurements Station, the medical requirements of the S Pass holder would be checked by the nurse on the basis of the pass that has been applied for. The doctor or nurse would carry out a physical check of him/her.

A colour vision test is mandatory for S Pass holders that fall under the category of “Electrician”, “Driver”, etc. There would be picture cards where the images need to be identified in a correct manner in order to pass this test. In case they do not pass this test, it would not be possible for him/her to proceed to other remaining tests.  However within a gap of 3 months, they can opt for the blood test and and x-ray results. Here in this case, application for the same post would not be processed.

The S Pass holder record form needs to be signed which would be kept in the clinic after the physical test is taken. It can be mentioned, that all records of the S Pass holder like medical conditions, measurements details would be included in the form. In case of females, declaration should be made whether she is pregnant for which no X Ray would be performed for them.

In order to ensure quality assurance, different measurement tests would be carried out by our full time doctors to all the S Pass holders.  After this step gets over, a chest X Ray would be done followed by HIV blood test.


X-Ray Imaging

Here the S Pass holder would require to remove his shirt and then asked to position in a proper manner so that the X Ray images could be taken in a perfect manner.  In case of females, X Ray gown are provided to them where they need to wear in the female changing room.

The S Pass holder would be instructed to hold their breath so that the X Ray images could be taken for accurate result

After this procedure gets over, getting ready for the final stage is required which is the blood taking station after wearing their clothes

4.Blood Taking

HIV blood test is the final stage where the S Pass holder would require to go through it. Our certified phlebotomist trainer and experienced nurse would carry out the procedure. It proves to be a painless experience that takes less than a minute.

Once blood is drawn, the plaster would be removed after a gap of 5 minutes. So, this ends the entire medical check-up process where the S Pass holder can then leave the clinic.