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X-Ray Clinic Near Me

Discover state-of-the-art imaging at our X-Ray Clinic, where advanced technology meets professional care. Our facility is equipped with modern X-ray machines, ensuring precise and quick diagnostics. Our experienced radiologists and technicians are dedicated to providing a comfortable and safe experience for every patient. Whether you need injury assessment, routine checks, or specific medical condition monitoring, we offer a wide range of X-ray services. Trust us for accurate diagnostics in a patient-friendly environment.


What is an X-Ray?

X-ray imaging is a technique utilizing ionizing radiation to produce detailed internal body images. This method works as X-rays, penetrating body tissues, are absorbed variably by different materials. Dense structures like bones absorb more radiation, appearing white on X-ray images, while soft tissues absorb less, resulting in gray shades. This imaging is crucial for doctors and radiologists to diagnose and track various conditions, from bone fractures to infections, tumors, and lung diseases. For any medical concerns, we encourage you to consult with our doctor for a more tailored understanding of your needs.

Why Mediway Medical?

Medical Centre

We offer comprehensive services, including an x-ray facility and a full range of medical care.

Minimum Waiting Time

We prioritize keeping wait times as short as possible, demonstrating our strong commitment to service excellence for our clients.

Fast Turnaround

We are dedicated to ensuring the rapid delivery of medical test results by the following working day.

Cost and Pricing of X-Rays in Singapore

X-Ray Scan
Price From Inclusive of GST.
Lateral Neck
Finger (per hand)
All others
Please enquire

Health Screening Preparations


To register, the Passport along with the In Principle Approval form and Medical form is required. Either cash payment or nets-payment is accepted.

The holder’s name labels and a receipt will be printed and pass on to the holder. The In principle approval form and passport will then be returned. Our nurse will direct you to the measurement station.

Measurement Station

You will undergo a physical check up wherein a nurse will check if you meet all the medical requirements. During this whole measurement process, our full time doctor will be doing physical examinations while supervising his nurses to ensure quality assurance. The medical requirements may vary from job to job:

Driver/ Electrician: You will need to pass a colour vision test wherein one has to correctly identify various images.

X-Ray Imaging

At the X-Ray Imaging station, you will need to remove your shirt you will be positioned properly by our radiographer. For female workers, one would need to remove her top (including her bra) and to change into our x-ray gown inside the female changing room.

You will need to hold your breath upon the instruction of the radiographer for an accurate chest x-ray imaging.

Blood Testing

Testing for HIV, VDRL, Malaria Parasite or any other required blood test will need blood samples drawn. For standard tests such as HIV, VDRL or Malaria Parasite, only 1 tube of blood will be drawn. Most importantly, our experienced nurse and certified phlebotomist trainer would conduct the process for a painless experience.