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Corporate Healthcare

Our Corporate Services

Mediway Medical operates in a service-oriented, conscientious and effective manner to provide a wide array of well-tailored health screening packages and onsite services that cater to the different needs of organisations in Singapore. Depending on different corporate interests, their Human-Resource Managers can easily opt from a basic screening, with add-on options to allow them with the flexibility and customisation to suit their organisation’s needs.

Health Assessments

Ranges of Blood Tests
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Fasting Venous Lipid Profile
Fasting Venous Blood Glucose
Blood Pressure

Medical Imaging

General & Chest X-Rays At Our Medical Centre


Post Doctor’s Consultation / Review At Our Medical Centre
Overall Corporate Statistic Report

Why are Corporate Health
Screenings Important?

Tailored Wellness

Ensures that employees receive the most relevant health assessments.

Early Detection

Proactive measures for timely intervention and prevention


Comprehensive health data used for informed decision-making
Companies that require their employees to do a pre-employment medical check-up be it for their work permit, s-pass, e-pass or just a standard medical check for making sure their new or existing employees are fit to do the work as per their job title may choose to come to us and open a permanent corporate account with no initial deposit and simple registration process.

Opening a corporate account with Mediway Medical offers advantages like preferential rates, same-day reports, and tailored customer service for HR personnel.