• Mon - Fri : 7.30am - 6.00pm & Sat : 7.30am - 1.00pm

General Consultation

Our General practitioner (GP) services are led by a group of qualified medical specialists to manage your basic health ailments like flu and coughs and cover a comprehensive portfolio of clinical capabilities such as chronic care management, vaccinations, health screening and radiological services.

More than anything, a general medical consultation is all about building and fostering a relationship between the medical provider and the patient. A medical consultation at our medical centre will allow our team of doctors to track the progress of the patient’s medical conditions and to have the common goals of taking preventive measures to halt the development of various diseases particularly for patients who have risk factors, obtain a diagnosis for symptoms being experienced by the patient, or in the case of a few follow-up consultations, to reassess the patient’s risk of various medical conditions.

Hence at Mediway Medical Centre, our patients can be well assured that they are always receiving the best medical care, holistic treatment and management for all of their primary and secondary healthcare needs from our unwaveringly dedicated medical team who are very well experienced in managing the various aspects of their multiple medical conditions through integration and to look into their work and living environments, psychological well-being, lifestyle factors amongst other things to provide the best possible solution for them to either recover from or to improve their medical conditions.

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