Employment Pass Medical

Employment Pass Medical Check-Up

Apart from the minimum earning of $3,600 per month and the required minimum qualifications, it is also mandatory for foreign professionals, managers and executives to be certified as medically fit to get an employment pass for the work one has applied for which will of course, need one to undergo a medical check up for employment pass. However, one must bear in mind that different jobs have different fitness criteria.

The Full Medical Examination Process To Apply For A Employment Pass


A candidate applying for an Employment Pass would need to produce one’s Passport along with the In Principle Approval form and Medical form. One would then need to make the payment either in cash or by nets. Thereafter, the candidate would be asked to wait until the registration process in completed.

The employment pass holder will then be registered in the clinic system by the front desk. The holder’s name labels and receipt will be printed and pass on to the holder. The In principle approval form and passport will then be returned back to the employment pass holder. Thereafter, the Employment Pass holder will be directed to the Measurement Station wherein everything will be taken care of by a nurse.


At the measurements station, the employment pass holder will undergo a physical check up wherein a nurse will check if the employment pass holder meets all the medical requirements. However, the medical requirements may vary from job to job.

If employments pass holder falls under the category of a Driver or Electrician, one will have to undergo a color vision test wherein one has to correctly identify various images in order to pass the test. In case, one fails, one would be taken as medically unfit for the job and one would not need to proceed to the next tests.

After all the physical check and measurements have been done, the employment pass holder record will need to be signed by the employment pass holder wherein all the details of measurements and medical condition will be mentioned. In case a pass holder is a female, one needs to declare first whether or not one is pregnant as X ray cannot performed on someone who’s pregnant as it may have some adverse health effect.

Our doctors will do a physical test during the measurement process of each employment pass holder along with his nurses, so the quality of measurement is never down. Once, the test is completed and the employment pass holder has signed the medical forms, they will proceed with chest x-ray and also, they would pass the employment pass holder through a tube for HIV blood test.

3.X-Ray Imaging

In this step, the radiographer, at the X-Ray Imaging station, will take the X-Ray image of the employment pass holder for which the employment pass holder would need to remove his shirt in the X-Ray room.

Even a female employment pass holder would need to remove her top including her bra for the X-Ray imaging. However, she can change her clothes and put on the X-Ray gown in the female changing room. After, she puts on the X-Ray gown; the radiographer will position her properly in the X-Ray room to get the X-Ray imaging done.

Once the employment pass holder is positioned properly in the X-Ray room, one will then be instructed to hold one’s breath and have their lungs filled with air for the most accurate X-Ray imaging. The process doesn’t take much time and it’s only a matter of a couple of seconds. Thereafter, a employment pass holder can wear one’s clothes back and proceed to the final step which is Blood test.

4.Blood Taking

In the final step wherein the blood samples would be taken from the employment pass holder to check for HIV. The process would be conducted by experienced nurse and certified phlebotomist which is you can rest assured of a painless and fast process except for a few cases wherein an employment pass holder has a very weak flow of blood or tiny veins.

Once the blood sample is taken, the nurse will put a plaster on the area from which blood has been taken and the Employment pass holder will need to apply a little pressure on that area for about 5 minutes before he could remove it. Thereafter, he can conveniently leave the clinic.