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Mediway Essential

Mediway Essential Package is a step-up package from Mediway Basic that is very welcome by the young adults’ group because it is designed to provide us a standard understanding of an individual’s health condition helping us to understand and avoid common health risks.

Why Mediway Medical?

Medical Centre

We offer comprehensive services, including an x-ray facility and a full range of medical care.

Dedicated Professionals

Our team of dedicated professionals will provide you with quality care, at affordable rates.

Minimum Waiting Time

We prioritize keeping wait times as short as possible, demonstrating our strong commitment to service excellence for our clients.

Mediway Essential $80.00

Physical Assessment

Medical Assessment:
Height & Weight
Body Mass Index
Blood Pressure Reading

Evaluation & Report:
Medical Report
Post Examination Review

Laboratory Analysis

Lipid profile:
Total Cholesterol
HDL Cholesterol
Total/HDL Cholesterol Ratio
LDL Cholesterol

Bone & Joint Profile:
Uric Acid

Diabetic Profile:
Random Blood Glucose

Liver profile:
Alkaline Phosphatase
Kidney profile:

Urine Analysis:
Urine FEME (Urine Microscopy)

Optional Add-On Test

STD Profile:
HIV & VDRL @ $40

Cardio Risk Profile:
Heart Disease Risk Indicator (HS-CRP) @ $30

Radiology Test:
Chest X-Ray @ $30

Other Clinical Assessments:
Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG) @ $30

Health Screening Preparations

Pre-testing preparation

No Fasting is required for all our health screening packages.

Diabetic medication should not be taken on the morning of your health screening appointment. However, your regular medications for high blood pressure and heart medication can be taken.

Set aside 30mins – 1 hour minimally for your tests at our medical & X-ray centre. (Exact time duration will depend on the package selected by you).

For Ladies who are menstruating, its best to do the urine test 3 days after your period ends.

For pre-appointment client that has already made the payment to us, you may also wish to come a working day earlier to collect the stool and urine containers for the better convenience as you will able to collect your stool or urine sample in the morning at home on the screening appointment day itself and hand over to us when you come.


Please kindly bring your Identification Documents (NRIC, Work Pass or Passport) for verification purposes. Have at least 8 hours of good rest for accurate blood pressure measurements.

Measurement Station

You will undergo a physical check up wherein a nurse will check if you meet all the medical requirements. During this whole measurement process, our full time doctor will be doing physical examinations while supervising his nurses to ensure quality assurance. The medical requirements may vary.

X-Ray Imaging

At the X-Ray Imaging station, you will need to remove your shirt you will be positioned properly by our radiographer. For female, one would need to remove her top (including her bra) and to change into our x-ray gown inside the female changing room.

You will need to hold your breath upon the instruction of the radiographer for an accurate chest x-ray imaging.

Blood Testing

Our experienced nurse and certified phlebotomist trainer would conduct the process for a painless experience.