FDW Work Permit Medical

Foreign Domestic Worker Work Permit Medical Check-Up


Workers from various countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines can work in households as a domestic helper or maid only if they have proper the Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) work permit.

The FDW will have to get a complete medical examination done and should be certifiably fit in order to work in the household.


It is necessary to present the passport of domestic helper/maid with the In Principle Approval Form and Medical Form.  After this maid will have to make the payment in either cash, cheque or trough net transfers.  The registration process may take a while hence; the maid shall be asked to wait till the process is completed.

After the registration the front desk staff will go ahead to register the maid in the clinic system and print receipts and labels for maid. The In Principal Form and passport will be returned after the completion of this procedure. The official receipt and name labels will be given to the maid. After this the maid will move on to the measurement station where a nurse will begin the next procedure.


At the FDW station nurse will check the medical check requirements of the FDW which is different depending upon the pass the maid applies for.  The FDW will be asked to give various measurements and tests such as height, weight, blood pressure, urine for pregnancy test, eyesight acuity, and sugar and albumin levels.

If a Foreign domestic worker is 50 years and above then she will be asked to undertake an Electrocardiogram test commonly known as ECG to check the heart condition. Based on the reports of ECG doctors will decide whether the maid has a healthy cardiac condition.

After the measurements are done, the maid will be asked several questions pertaining to her medical history post which she will be asked to sign a declaration on her medical form. A signature on the FDW record form will also be taken. The record form contains all the details of measurements & amp; if any at the time of medical check.

Our full time doctor will be doing physical examination of the maid in the entire measurement process and will also supervise the nurses during the measurement process in order to ensure quality assurance.  After all the measurements are taken medical forms are signed by the FDW, the FDW will now move ahead to take the chest x-ray.  The maid will also be asked to do a couple blood tests.

3,X-Ray Imaging

The radiographer at x ray imaging station will ask the maid to remove her top clothes including her lingerie and wear the x ray gown in the female changing room.  After the change of clothes the radiographer will take the maid inside the x ray room for the X- ray image.

In the x ray room the radiographer will ask foreign domestic worker to hold her breath when he signals. For the chest x ray image, it is important that lungs are filled with air as it helps in accurate assessment of the chest and gives clearer image.

The x ray process only takes couple of seconds after this process foreign domestic worker can wear the clothes and proceed toward blood taking station to give their blood samples.

4.Blood Taking

This is the final station where foreign domestic worker will give their blood samples for HIV, VDRL, Malaria parasite or other required blood tests.  In case only standard tests are required like HIV, Malaria parasite or VDRL only one tube of blood will be taken from the maid. The blood samples are collected by certified phlebotomist and well experienced nurses.  This process is every simple, painless and takes only few minutes. But if the maid has a weak blood flow or extremely tiny veins this process may take a little longer to get complete.

After collecting blood samples, a plaster is placed on the blood drawn area by the nurse.  The maid will be asked to apply little pressure on the blood drawn point for approx. 5 minutes before the removal of plaster.  After the completion of whole medical check-up process foreign domestic worker can now leave the clinic.