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Nurse / Phlebotomist


Founded in 2016, Mediway Medical & X-Ray Centre employs seasoned medical experts dedicated to offering top-quality health screenings for people of all nationalities. Our focus is on patient well-being, guided by our principle "Where Your Health Matters," and we maintain the highest standards of medical care.


  1. Maintaining the required level of Standards of procedures, policy, and practices as well as patient care and experience.
  2. Able to perform ECG on patients.
  3. Able to perform Pap Smear & Vaginal Swab is a MUST.
  4. Assist the Doctor with general consultations.
  5. Assist with in-clinic procedures and surgical procedures.
  6. Able to dispense medication/consumables independently.
  7. Perform procedures (venipuncture for Administrative tasks such as patient registration and interview, maintaining accurate patient medical records, and scheduling of appointments.
  8. Performs venipuncture for the collection of blood specimens for dispatch to the laboratory.
  9. Sorts and records all blood specimens collected, and ensures that they are correctly labeled, and dispatched to the Laboratory in the correct mode.
  10. Assist management in improving, identifying, and implementing changes in the work processes of the Phlebotomy / Nurse Service.
  11. Continuously upgrading skills and techniques.
  12. Orientate and guide new Phlebotomy / Nurse Staff.
  13. Perform any other duties assigned by the Superior.


  1. Diploma / Degree in Nursing
  2. Registered with the Singapore Nursing Board

Working Hours

Competitive salary with family-friendly working hours. Salary details will be discussed during the interview.

How To Apply

Please send your particulars and resume to irvin.kwong@mediwaymedical.com. You will be notified if you are selected for further consideration.