Corporate Onsite Health Screening


Corporate Onsite Health Screening

Mediway Medical operates in a service-oriented, conscientious and effective manner to provide a wide array of well-tailored health screening packages and onsite services that can cater to the different needs of organisations in Singapore. Depending on different corporate interests, their Human-Resource Managers can easily opt for a basic screening, with add-on options to allow them with the flexibility and customisation to suit their organisation’s needs.

Our spectrum of services include:

Ranges of Blood Tests
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Fasting Venous Lipid Profile
Fasting Venous Blood Glucose
Blood Pressure Measurement
General & Chest X-Rays At Our Medical Centre
Post Doctor’s Consultation / Review At Our Medical Centre
Overall Corporate Statistic Report (For Corporate HR reference only)

Why are Corporate Health Screenings to an Organisation Essential and Important?

In Singapore, the pace of work in many organisations is fast and stressful. Hence Mediway Medical strives to embrace our nation’s vision of promoting a happier and healthier life to our valuable workforce.

According to statistics and facts, yearly corporate health screening events are proven to be effective events to boost employee morale and have given them the welfare of a convenient time and a chance to have a better understanding of their overall health as it will allow them to have an early detection and to receive effective treatment of potential health problems. Apart from that we also reckon the fact that happier and healthier employees automatically translates into a more productive workforce which will also convert into lesser employees taking medical leave and therefore ultimately increasing performance for the business.